We liked the hotel “Olymp” very much. Rooms were very comfortable, cosy and clean. We felt ourselfs like at home. Great staff, always friendly and cordial. It was amazing to realize that this hotel completely goes in compliance with the European standards. I would like to stay in such hotels like “Olymp”. We were surprised at hotel’s prices pleasantly.

Marat Abdrakipov, Moskow

For the first time in your beautiful town. I was glad that the hotel was located in the centre of town. Not far from Lake Baikal, 10 minutes by foot! The hotel is very close to the centre. I was pleased and surprised at service. Everything was great! All was satisfactory. Thank you!

Nelybin Sergei and Anna, Irkutsk

I’d like to say special thanks to owners of the hotel for comfort. I was surprised that in such a small town there was the hotel where I saw a service that didn’t always get in the city…clean, warm, smiling staff and pleasant conversation.

Vadim Vishnevskiy, Ulan-Ude

Exellent hotel and of course the staff. Thank you very much for warm and hearty welcome. We shall come back surely!!!

Irina Avramenco, Moscow

I was glad to stay in “Olymp” Hotel. Nice people. Clean, light and comfortable rooms. Everything is great! I’l come back here!

Andrey Smirnov, Moscow

Service was pleasant. Rooms were cleaned every day diligently. It was possible to have a rest because there was peace and quiet .The people working in "reception" are very polite and nice. Thanks for good service!

Tamara Dmitrievna Luchko, Odessa

Made a business trip from April, 07 till April, 14th, stayed in the hotel “Olymp”. Everything was great!!! Pleasant conditions, polite staff, cosy rooms, 5 minutes of walking to a central square. Generally location is good! I recommend you!

Sergey Kiselyov, Krasnoyarsk

Had a rest in hotel “Olymp”. Very silently and cosy. Nobody disturbed. There is a beautiful lake nearby. There is a supermarket. We remained are very happy.

Ekaterina Popova, Novosibirsk

Among hotels of 3 stars the Hotel "Olymp" goes in compliance with the European standards in Siberian region. I can compare, the hotel with another one. There was no any misunderstanding with the staff for all time. Whom and when the room was cleaned I didn’t notice, but when I returned, the room was clean. Managers recognize and greet you for the second day, probably, because the hotel Olymp is not very big. They are interested in your precatory words… Does everything suit you? Do you have any wishes? They explained me how to connect to WiFi in the room. And everything was benevolent, without discontent.

Tanyana Macarova, Nahodka